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How do you convince your child to eat fruits and veggies?

Encouraging your child to eat their fruits and vegetables is just not enough anymore. Many parents look to the internet and parents groups for ideas on how to convince your child to eat their fruits and vegetables. Heck, wouldn’t it be nice if they even started to enjoy and liked eating them?

There are so many ideas and theories out there. But when it comes down to it, you have to do what works best for you and your family. Something that is comfortable and feasible for your lifestyle. Having the child self-feed is always a great idea. It not only helps with having them eat, but encourages development.

Mother with her child eating together and have a fun When starting self feeding it is always a good idea to prepare your self. If you have white carpet in your dining room, that may not be for you. When thinking about a safe and friendly eating area for child is makes sense to have something easy to clean up and ready for the next meal. Wood floors are often a way to go. These types of flooring allow for easy spill and mess clean-up. There are many different kinds of wood flooring out there from easy to install for your do-it- yourselfer to having a professional install a magnificent natural wood floor. The possibilities are really truly endless. So once you have the eating area all prepped and you are ready to make some messes or not its time for some ideas.

There is such an eternal battle between kids and eating their veggies and fruits, but an idea is to let them take part in the planting of child-friendly varieties of plants in your garden. The garden can be a large scale of even just a few potted plants on the deck. The idea is to get your child involved in the growing process. The more time they have invested in the process the more you may find that they are willing to try the end products of their labor. A few ideas of child friendly plants are: chocolate, peppers, watermelon, radishes, and Italian rose beans. These are all examples of Heirlooms. Heirlooms seeds and plants are also hundreds of years old and can be traced back hundreds of years. So not only are you helping with getting them involved you can also spill in a little history lesson as well.
Another fun idea, is to grow your own popcorn. Your children can grow their own popcorn that is a specialty kernel with tough hulls and starchy center that produces the pop when heated. Robust Yellow hybrid and Japanese White hull-less are great examples of a few varieties.

Getting you child to eat many different varieties of vegetable may also be an issue. Home-made pizza making is a fun and creative way to also get them involved in the process. Pizza fixings can also be grown as well. Oregano, basil, and thyme is an easy way to spice up things. Having a large variety of fruits and vegetables cleaned, cut up, and ready to place on the top of the pizza is a fun way to make your pizzas into faces or a picture. Using the different colors and shapes that they have to offer really makes it a great idea. This may also get a bit messy so having wood floors or tile in your kitchen makes for an easy clean up after the dinner is over.
funny food

There is some planning that can help with getting the kids to eat well. Scheduling meals throughout the day helps to keep t hem healthy and more balanced. Keeping the fruits and veggies involved in not only the main meals but also in the snacks. When planning on being on the go for the day pack snacks that are easy to eat and healthy. This keeps you away from take out that rarely involve fruits and vegetables.

Planning diners can also help. If thinking of planning a weeks worth of meals is too overwhelming start with a couple of days. The meals do not have to be gourmet. Make sure to cover the basic food groups and keep the meals well balanced. Making a choice from each food group is a good way to start. This gives them something to work with. Try staying away from becoming a made to order cook. Many families have a habit of making two meals, often cooking something for the adults and then another meal for the children. It can become exhausting. Preparing a single meal for everyone and try allowing the children to decide what they would like to put on their plates, but making sure they are making a balanced plate. Children will often simulate adult behaviors’, so make sure you are also following the rules. You will find they will start eating more and more of the foods that are served.

A few things to think about when serving meals and at dinner time is not to make reference to the chooses they have made. Keep clam and let them eat. The idea is to serve a well balanced meal, their job is to make sure to eat it. The last thing is not to make reference to what they are eating and how they are eating it. Often children will just not eat because they are feeling like they are forced.

When introducing new food, do it slowly. Kids by nature are new-food-phonics. Sometimes it takes a few times trying a new food before it is accepted. You can even try a hero worship statement, like “You know that Spiderman eats his carrots and that’s what makes his muscles grow.” Sometimes this can work wonders.

With all the suggestions in the world sometimes it just takes time for your little one to eat their fruits and vegetables. A few things to keep in mind are allowing treats, having fun, and being a good role model. Make sure to have some fun, including the kids in the process of growing the food and preparing it can them look at things in a whole other way. Making smiley-faced pancakes and silly pizza faces is a great way to have a good time with your kids. The most important thing is to also eat a well balanced diet. If you are always watching what you are eating and taking energy supplements and diet pill, your children will also begin to think that is a healthy lifestyle. Be true to yourself and think of ideas on how to be a healthy person for your children. Eating a well balanced diet with fruits and vegetables is the best way to encourage your children to do it too.

Say What? Things Women Say Men Do Not Understand.

When you enter into a relationship with the opposite sex, it’s usually a magical time! Grinning from ear to ear, you can’t keep your hands off of each other, and want to spend as much time as possible with the other person because you think they are just the most amazing person on the planet!!

You try to stay on your best behavior and be as agreeable as possible because you want that person to enjoy every minute they spend with you. After the newness of the relationship begins to wear off, however, you still enjoy each other’s company (hopefully), and you’re still attracted to them, but you don’t always see eye to eye, and you’re not afraid to voice your opposing opinion. Usually, if you’re both mature adults, you can work through your differences and learn something from each other’s viewpoints, which tends to make your relationship even stronger. Sometimes, though, you just have to agree to disagree if you both want the relationship to work.

My husband and I have been together for over ten years and, to this day, he still tells me that trying to understand some of the things I say is harder than learning to speak Russian. You would think that after 10 years he would be an expert on women’s language, but he just hasn’t caught on…moreover, I’m not sure if he ever will. So I’ve decided to put together a glossary, if you will, of things that women say that men misunderstand. Maybe I’ll print it out for my husband to carry around in his pocket as a quick reference point to help keep him out of hot water. I doubt he’ll read it, though, because, well…that’s just how men are!

1. It’s up to you: Usually, I’ll say this when my husband asks if he should or shouldn’t do something. Should I go out with my friends this weekend? Should I cut the grass? Should I cook dinner for you? I like to think that by giving him the freedom to choose, he will pick the correct option, but that is never the case! What I really mean when I say “It’s up to you” is that it is up to him to decide if he wants to live with me being upset with him for choosing to do something that goes against what I want him to do. No, I don’t want you to go out with your friends this weekend…I want you to spend time with me. Yes, you should cut the grass…and clean the house, take out the garbage, and do all of the laundries. It’s up to you to make the right choice.

2. Do you need to do that now?: When my husband starts tinkering with his power tools in the garage or turns on the video game system, my immediate reaction is to ask if he needs to be doing that. He is oblivious to the dirty dishes in the sink, the piles of laundry in the bedroom, the toys strewn all over the house, and the countless other things on my to-do list that need to be taken care of. He usually looks at me like a lost puppy when I ask him this because he thinks that, yes, he does need to be relaxing and playing with his toys. After a few mean looks and me huffing around the house, he usually gets the idea, but it would be so much easier if he knew what I meant when I ask him this question.

3. I don’t want to talk about it: If something is bothering me, I tend to become very short and standoffish around my husband. He is pretty good at knowing when I’m upset about something but never has a clue as to what I’m upset about. It could be something he said or did last week, and I’m just now realizing that I’m mad about it. He’ll ask me what’s wrong, and I usually respond with “I don’t want to talk about it” because I know that I’m kind of being foolish by bringing up something that I know he doesn’t even remember doing. By this point, though, I can’t let it go and I do want to talk about it…he just has to drag it out of me. That way, when he tells me I’m being ridiculous for bringing up something from last week, I can then remind him that he made me tell him.

4. I’ll eat anywhere: On nights when we don’t feel like cooking dinner, it seems to take us forever to decide on where we should eat. I always say “I’ll eat anywhere” but then strike down every suggestion he throws out. I’m not in the mood for Chinese tonight, or we just had sushi last week, or we had a bad experience with our server three years ago at that restaurant. I guess when I say that I’m open to eating wherever he chooses, I mean that I have somewhere in mind and that he has to play a guessing game as to where I want to eat. Maybe I don’t have any particular place in mind, but he still has to list at least 5 or 6 options before I agree to one. By this point, we could have already cooked dinner at home.

5. Don’t worry about it: We all know that men take a long time to do any household chore that you ask of them. For example, I asked my husband to wash the dishes because I had an extremely long day at work and had to help our daughter with a school project. Call me impatient, but when I ask for something to be done, I want it done right then. After I helped with the project and put our daughter to bed, the dishes were still in the sink. I said to my husband, “Don’t worry about the dishes, I’ll do them” and he thought he was off the hook. What I meant by this was that he should be concerned about a lot more than the dishes at this point.

I could write a book on things women say that men just don’t know how to interpret correctly. I think what it boils down to is that men need to learn how to read women’s minds to understand fully what we mean when we say certain things.

Our Christmas Trip

After Christmas, we decided to visit some friends 800 miles away. I was driving all day and I was ready to look for a hotel but before I can Do that I realized that we are stuck in the middle of the interstate because of an accident on the road that involved multiple vehicles.
Because there was more than 1 vehicle involved and from what I heard also fatalities, we had to wait until the road was cleared.
The problem was that it was late at night and not enough 24 hours towing service available for the big job. It took a long time until towing trucks from the nearby city arrived and the road was cleared.
Most of us waiting for the road to be cleared got out of our cars and started to socialize with each other. Between these people was an older man, Henry, who was a tow truck driver for 20 years before he retired.

Most of us have a negative experience with towing companies that illegally towed vehicles but Henry had too many interesting stories not to listen too.
Our time passed by so fast while listening to his stories, not because how interesting they were but because the way he was telling the story.
I decided to share some of his stories with you.

Henry was telling me that he has a story that he thinks at almost every day. One day the police called him for a lockout job. One driver locked his keys in the car and needed help unlocking his car. After the job was done and the car was unlocked, the driver started to act suspiciously so the police decided to search his car. What they found was shocking. Almost 40 bags of an illegal drug that will put that driver to jail for a long time. But the question that remained on Henry’s main all this years is why did the driver knowing what he has in the car called the police to help him unlock the car?

One time he had to pull out a car suspended in a tree in a ditch. Luckily the 2 men inside the car were not hurt but they were so scared that they were shaking for 2 hours.

One late night he was called by a lady who had a flat tire. When he arrived she was in her car listening to the music at her radio with no flashlight on, no triangle. She didn’t even knew if she has an emergency wheel in her trunk or not. She did so Henry was able to help her and explained to her that next time when she need a towing trucks help she needs to have her triangle set up, a reflecting vest on and she needs to get out of the care and wait for the towing truck to arrive in a safe place, not in her car. I was noggin my head but the truth is I didn’t know all this.

It was a long and interesting night as the cleaning took almost all night but listening to Henry telling his stories made the time pass so fast that we didn’t even realized how long we were waiting.

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